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Freebies Sites

The following is a list of the numerous Freebies sites you will find online, the order in which they appear does not represent any preference by us at  They all function pretty much the same way and trust me, they can be very lucrative if you know how to market them properly.  We find ourselves going to all of them first when we need to buy something as you do find some cool deals there if you keep coming back plus the prizes you get are amazing!  Anything from $15 to $500 plus many other types of prizes like game consoles, TV’s, Computers, MP3 players, tablets and many more.

How can I make money daily from home with these freebies sites you ask?  Well, you can become an affiliate and help promote the sites online!  And they pay you very well per referral, anything from $15 to $500 or you can choose the prizes mentioned above instead.  There are many ways to market them online like many of us do, and if you have ideas on how to market them offline you may be able to do so.  Please read the terms of each site you join for details.

Trust me, there is enough room for everyone if you dedicate time and study how this works.  The fact is that many of us are making money promoting these sites working along side many Fortune 500 companies to get them customers.  Like DirectTV, Discover, GameFly, GoDaddy, and many many more.  This type of online marketing can become a strong part of your overall home-based business plan.

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In our opinion they are well worth it not only to become affiliates of, but also to take advantage of their offers when one matches our need.  Here’s the list!..




 Superior Freebies


Superior Freebies




FreeFactor has 2 sites that we know of,   and

We prefer the gaming site since you can choose a gaming console (XBox, Nintendo Wii or PSP) or $60 cash per referral!


UPDATE – Freefactor has changed completely to a paid surveys site.  Check it out!


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The TRAINN sites (Transcendent Innovations, Inc) are another great chain of freebies sites that pay very well per referral and the prizes rock!  The offers are always superb and appealing to the masses.  Heck, I tell ya, we always check the Trainn Sites and all the others before we head out to buy something as many times we find great offers.  Check out our TRAINN sites page for a full listing of TRAINN sites.



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